University Alliance

“Building a better tomorrow for your students..!”

TESPA InfoTech is a premier SAP University Alliance Partner (uAcademy), authorized to take SAP Education to Universities, Colleges and Business Schools.

The main objective of the SAP uAcademy is to make the students more industry ready and to bridge the demand and supply gap in the industry.

SAP Courses being offered:

SAP 01: Introductory course on SAP Solutions

SAP01 is an entry level course that introduces students to the various SAP solutions, applications, components, and terminology. It is a must-do foundation course that provides the participant student with the basic SAP knowledge required for all other SAP courses and the overview of ERP.

The duration is 24 hours (timeframe of 1 month to complete)

TERP10: Integrated Business Processes in SAP ERP

The TERP10 course allows students to have a hands-on experience on how SAP ERP system is used to integrate business processes and departments. This course equips students to participate in future SAP ERP projects. Enable them to apply business theories and knowledge in practical business scenarios through the use of software, methodologies and best practices from SAP. This course is ideally suited for Management students while being an optional course for students from other streams of education.

The duration is 80 hours (timeframe of 2 months to complete)

SAP Associate Consultant Certification course

This course gives focused and specialized training in SAP ERP which is used by state of the art manufacturing/software companies around the world. This helps students to perform key business processes, understand integration points and key controls of SAP. The students will be able to articulate how an ERP technology supports a business and addresses key business needs requirements. This course offers an opportunity to earn SAP solution consultant certification that is recognized by SAP, its customers and partners.

Few of TESPA’s premier SAP University Alliance partnerships: